The Gardens

Manchester Crematorium has four individual memorial gardens, dating back to when we originally opened in 1892.

The Old Garden

This is the original section of our gardens. It is located immediately behind the old chapel and features a large lawn area flanked by the original memorial bays and, to the South, the new balustrade. The Old Garden mainly comprises rose trees.

The Western Garden

The Western Garden area is characterised by two large willow trees and, to the East, features part of the original memorial bays. Both rose trees and bushes are to be found there.

The Coppice

The Coppice is located in the North-West corner of the gardens and contains rose trees and bushes but its main characteristic is the large number of beautiful trees planted there.

The Woodlands Garden

The Woodlands Garden is so named as before our gardens were cultivated, the area was natural woodland. It is the area of the gardens which is nearest to the memorial wall and contains rose trees and bushes along with memorial benches.