Books & Scrolls

Book of Remembrance

Entries are made on the date of death and each entry is on view for one day each year. Some of the dates in this book are already full, and so entries can only be accepted subject to availability. Where the page cannot hold any further entries, we offer space in the Anniversary Volume or Scroll of Remembrance.

Book of Anniversaries

Entries can be made to coincide with various special dates such as the date of death or the date of another family member’s entry or happier anniversaries such as birthdays or weddings. These entries are also on view for one day each year.

Scroll of Remembrance

Entries are similar to those above, but the length of time they are on display each year is increased to three months (entry month followed by the next two months). As in the Anniversary Volume, the month of entry may be chosen to coincide with various anniversaries.