Other Garden Memorials


There are positions for benches in our memorial gardens which may be leased. A name plaque is supplied with the bench lease by the crematorium. Older benches currently in place will continue to remain in place until their condition is no longer satisfactory for the grounds (benches are to be leased subject to availability).

Hanging baskets

These are planted out and placed along the arches either side of the old garden, and are dedicated with a memorial carrying the name and dates of a loved one.

Pocket Beds

Small pocket beds that are to be found on top of the walls either side of the old garden, they may contain a variety of shrubs or patio roses (Subject to availability)

Tubs and Flower Beds

The tubs and planters are leased on an annual basis and will be planted in spring and again in autumn. The choice of plants and flowers will vary according to the colour schemes selected by our team of dedicated gardeners.

Vase Room

These small posy vases may be leased for period of five years and include a small name label dedicated to a loved one. The small vase is ideal for placing a small tribute.

Ballustrade Plaques

These plaques on the balustrade rail overlooking the Old Garden Lawn are situated so you may be under cover when visiting your loved ones memorial giving a viewpoint along the old garden they are ideal for visiting even when the weather is not at its best. They are available on a 10 year lease basis which includes all of the lettering (up to 80 Characters).